Who Killed Fitz Son Scandal?

Is Mellie pregnant by Fitz dad?

Fitz agrees to run for Governor of California and Mellie informs him at their campaign celebration that she is pregnant with their first child, who Fitz decides will be called Jerry after his father..

Do Mellie and Fitz get divorced?

Fitz and Mellie Finally Get Divorced.

Did Maya Pope kill Jerry?

Tom (Brian Letscher), Fitz’s right hand secret-service agent, and a B-613 double agent, tells Fitz that his son was murdered, infected with a strain of meningitis that was stolen from a lab one week ago by Maya Pope. … LIv catches them conspiring together and learns the truth: her mother killed Jerry.

Who died on scandal?

David Rosen Died We were wondering how Cyrus would escape the truth-telling mission of Olivia and company, and it turns out, he’s willing to do anything to protect himself. After Jake failed to intimidate David, Cyrus took matters into his own hands, killing him under the rouse of a confession.

Did Huck die?

It’s a new low for Abby because Huck is family, and even when Olivia appeals to that, Abby still rebuffs. Thankfully, we still have time because Huck is alive.

Is mellies son Fitz’s?

What goes down: Right after Mellie tells Fitz that Jerry Jr. is really his son, and not the result of his father raping her, Jerry collapses on stage at Fitz’s last campaign stop. They rush him to the hospital, but he dies.

Why did Harrison leave the show?

Following his racist comments in a Feb. 9 interview on “Extra,” Harrison announced that he will temporarily leave the series, including the remaining episodes in the current season of the franchise’s flagship show — starring Matt James, the first Black Bachelor.

Who saves Olivia Pope from kidnappers?

StephenOlivia Pope is about to be given to her new owners but it’s Stephen. He bought Olivia and saved her, like she saved him in the past.

Does Olivia ever find her father?

Olivia’s mother was an alcoholic who both physically and emotionally abused her while she was growing up. Benson would later find out that her biological father, her mother’s rapist, committed suicide. Serena eventually died after she fell when she was drunk back in 2000.

How did Fitz son die on scandal?

Fitz and Mellie’s son, Jerry Jr. (Dylan Minnette), collapses during Fitz’s last campaign stop. He’s rushed to the hospital and dies from a sub-strain of Meningitis that was recently stolen from Fort Detrick.

Why did Jake kill James?

Jake shows up, kills both the reporter and the NSA employer, and shoots either James or David. It turns out it was James who got shot by Jake in order to protect the secret of Sally Langston killing her husband. David agrees to keep quiet about what just happened.

Why did Verna kill Fitz?

As he gives the eulogy, a flashback reveals that before she died Verna revealed that Cyrus, Mellie and Olivia rigged the election for him and that she tried to assassinate him in order to set things right without admitting her guilt to anyone and tarnishing her legacy.

Did Harrison really die in scandal?

Columbus Short as Harrison Wright (seasons 1–3), a litigator who worked with Olivia. He hired Quinn for the firm, calling them “gladiators in suits”. He is murdered by B613 at the end of the third season after learning that they were behind the murder of Jerry Grant, Jr.

Who killed Harrison Wright?

RowanRowan killed Harrison Wright when Harrison found out that Rowan had killed Jerry Grant, Fitz Grant and Mellie Grant’s son.

Does Olivia find out who killed Harrison?

After Rowan basically framed Jake for the murders of Harrison (Columbus Short) and POTUS’ son, Jerry (Dylan Minnette), Olivia set out to clear her boyfriend’s name, finally uncovering the truth that her father was the mastermind behind it all.

What happens to Olivia’s dad?

Eli Pope, also known as Rowan, is Olivia Pope’s father. He was also the commanding officer for the CIA division of B613 until the former president, Fitz Grant, fired him and replaced him with Jake Ballard. After a brief absence, he regained his post as Command and took it back from Jake.

Who killed Huck?

If you recall, a couple of episodes ago, Huck was shot three times by his new lady friend, Meg, who turned out to be working for Sarah, the woman who for some yet-to-be discovered reason forced Papa Pope to kill President-elect Frankie Vargas.

Do Olivia and Fitz get married?

Olivia no longer has an obligation to the White House or to OPA, and Fitz is no longer married or president. They’re free of all the obstacles they once had to fight in order to be together (often in secret), so it makes sense that Scandal, in closing, would give them the chance to find happiness together, too.