Quick Answer: What Happened To Colby In Home And Away?

Who betrayed Colby on Home and Away?

Willow Harris BETRAYS Colby Thorne.

As Colby Thorne’s murder trial gets underway, the accused copper is in for a SHOCK when he discovers the identity of “Witness X” on Home and Away….

Why did Colby kill Ross?

Why did Colby Thorne kill Ross Nixon? After snatching Bella, Colby had a tough task on his hands to gain her trust and undo years of brainwashing from Ross. Bella had been raised to be distrustful by Ross, who’d taken particular effort to blacken Colby’s name whenever he was mentioned.

Who is dating in real life from home and away?

Home and Away real-life couple Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor share photos together on Instagram.

Does Colby leave home and away 2020?

Well, there we have it folks, last night we said goodbye to beloved Home And Away cop, Colby Thorne. … Still, his relatively quiet goodbye, removing himself from his life in Summer Bay to accept his fate and new reality in prison, came as somewhat of a surprise to fans – and Tim Franklin!

Did Colby kill Ross Home and Away?

Taking no chances, Colby took a more ruthless approach to get Ross out of his and Bella’s lives forever. Much to Dean’s shock, Colby pulled out his gun and shot Ross dead.

Does Jasmine get pregnant in home and away?

Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) was just starting to deal with her grief for dead husband Robbo, taking comfort in the fact she was expecting his child. Unfortunately there is tragic news for the Home and Away widow when her first scan reveals there is no baby – Jasmine was never pregnant…

Who took Leah on Home and Away?

“Douglas kidnapped Leah after tricking her into meeting up with him and no-one knew where she was. She was there for six weeks before anyone realised, so you can only imagine what she’s been going through. She has bruises and a cut lip.

Is Willow leaving home and away 2020?

Sarah Roberts has played Willow on Home And Away for almost five years. … ‘Willow decided to leave the Bay in the aftermath because Dean and Bella ostracised her and couldn’t find it within themselves to forgive her or even listen to what she has to say.

Is Tim Franklin leaving home and away?

Tim Franklin has said his final goodbyes to the Bay. Speaking to Digital Spy, the actor confessed that he felt it was time his story came to an end. … The actor has confessed that he will miss the friends he’s made during his time on Home & Away.

Did Colby die on home and away?

After Colby shoots Boyd Easton (Steve Le Marquand) while on duty, he becomes the focus of a revenge plot by Boyd’s sister Ebony Harding (Cariba Heine), which culminates in Colby being poisoned and left for dead.

Does Colby in home and away die?

Home and Away has confirmed that Colby Thorne is now responsible for a second death. Colby’s exit storyline has seen him receive a 25-year prison sentence for the murder of his abusive stepfather Ross Nixon.

Is Robbo actually dead?

Deceased (1969–2014)King Robbo/Living or Deceased